Morsel Enggtech Pvt. Ltd.
 Proven Quality, Leading Technology.

Excelling in every domain of the existing mutable and plasma pre requisites of the business milieu, manufacturing concern lies in core technicality and innovations Morsel Enggtech Pvt. Ltd. a part of BHARGAVA GROUP founded since 1987. is sure to offer efficient dexterity and versatility in the maintenance assembly and installation solutions under single roof.

Offering you the most cost effective steady explications through our augmented diverse product families of flooring, anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, ware preventive coatings, water proofing solutions, chemical resistance coatings cleaners, degreasers and polymeric composites, etc we insure better performance, which is long lasting under extreme operating surroundings.

Passing through the rigorous test parameter MORSEL develops in services and staff far comparable providing with the most stipulated need of technical services and job services stretching across the country.

To ease compatibility and rising trend in the ever-changing environs we offer you the best technicians providing you with preeminent upgraded maintenance expertise. At MORSEL we cater to more than just merchandise, our total package involve Rapid Action Teams (R.A.T.) and consultancy aids for the longevity, durability and feasibility of your machinery.

MORSEL offers profuse engineering and maintenance elucidation for notions demanding occurrence and skills much more than conventional reinforcement