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Grouts and foundation strengthening

Problem Faced

             Decrease in the strength of foundation of heavy machinery due to vibrations or heat, and seepage of oils in the foundations.


             Morsel Grouting compounds & foundation coatings are the top node solution to increase the strength of foundations and prevent seepage of oils through the porous crack in the foundation


Kiln Foundations

Compressor foundations

Pumps Foundations

Or any other foundation


Re strengthens the foundation

Coatings stop the seepage of oils acids or any other material and prevent from loosing its strength again

Morsel Floor Fill SLF 2015

5012 is a four pack system consisting of special blend of selected epoxy resins, curing agents and graded inert aggregates which when mixed, provides a 1 to 2 mm epoxy resin floor topping with unique laying properties. It provides a hard-wearing attractive floor which is chemical-resistant, impervious and extremely clean.

Morsel Floor Fill Quartz 5013

5013 is a three pack, solvent free epoxy resin system. In hardened, condition Morsel Floor Fill Quartz 5013 gives excellent hardness, abrasion resistance. It can be laid on floor in 3mm to 15mm thick layer and has a very unique combination of base and selected hardener and filler, which together gives an excellent performance. It can also be used for repairing concrete / masonry structures.

Morsel Deep Pour Grout  5311

It provides dust free, seamless grout which is extremely easy to clean. Good abrasion resistance withstands foot and light vehicular traffic., Excellent in chemical resistance.,  Available in a wide range of colours., Solvent free system and it can be laid easily and quickly, Grouting in pumps, Level machinery, Set anchor bolts, Grouting in lathe & compressors

Morsel Super Grout Product Grade 5312

MORSEL Super Grout is designed to grout new machinery and to set anchor bolts quickly. Self-leveling epoxy can be poured up to 2.54 cm (1”) thick. Cured material has compression strength and chemical resistance superior to concrete under typical dry service And unlike concrete long lasting.

Fast and easy to use reduce downtime, Self leveling application versatility
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