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False air arresting compound in cement industries
The most advanced cement manufacturing technology does not, on its own, guarantee profitable operations. The cement manufacturing operation for maximum cost efficiency not only requires the advanced technological design but also sound operational practices.

Operational Audit is an effective way for enhancing the productivity and minimizing energy consumption. The objectives of a comprehensive operational audit of a plant should include:

·   Optimization of the output

·   Reduction in Specific Energy Consumption

·   Trouble shooting in electrical, mechanical and process systems

·   Dust abatement


Quality assurance

In the present scenario, it has become imperative for Cement Manufacturers to look for cost reduction avenues to reduce cost and improve productivity effectively. Energy contributes almost 40% of cost of production and hence energy conservation assumes greater importance as one of the best way for improving productivity. Plant operational audit studies are an effective tool to identify the areas of energy conservation and plant optimization.

The most important of these areas are process control and process optimization. Other potential areas could include dust emission reduction, preventive maintenance etc.

The kiln system  is  operated in  a vacuum condition. However, false air enters in the system due to  equipment leaks. The leaks in that area will cause sucking of the outside air into the system. False air that results from ducting leaks and equipment will give poor energy inefficiency and fan motor loading will increase.

False air is found at several leak sources that is in Man hole, Check hole, Down pipe, Roof, Flap gate, and Sleep ring seal in kiln inlet.

It causes  

A ) Increase in coal consumption, as coal is used for heating false air from ambient to operational temperature.

B )  Increase in electricity consumption of motor fan.

The Application of Morsel Magna fix # 5117 reduces/seals the leaks which will prevent the increase of energy and fuel consumption for combustion process at kiln system. The process starts by conducting a detailed leak survey, including identification and pinpointing all sources of leaks.

After the repair, it is compared to energy consumption before and after repairing. The results are shown in the following table;

Comparing energy consumption before and after repair

Items Remark Before repairing  After repairing

Total Exhaust Gas  A > B

Total Electricity Consumption C > D

Production E = E

Kiln Gas specific F / kg clinker > G / kg clinker

Spec. Power Consumption H kWh/ton     > I kWh /ton

By bringing down  false air , upto any percentage by application of Morsel Magna fix 5117 will enhance  

Financial Profits by saving

A) Electricity    B) Coal

Payback period: 2 days Approx on investment by  purchase of Morsel Magna fix #5117  Buckets 10 to 12 Nos in One month time .

According to false air observation results, the cost of repair at different sources of leak in the Cyclone pre-heater and inlet kiln, it was found that total cost spent to repair false air leakages by Morsel MAGNAFIX #5117  is very less comparing saving of  Electricity  and  coal reductions Resulting  total cost saving very high per year. 

Environmental Benefits is also gain  as Dust emissions are sealed .

Morsel Magna fix #5117  is being introduced in market only few months back but due to its drastic performance today is being used in several Cement Industries successfully and helped increasing their profits.