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Water proofing Solutions

Underground waterproofing solutions

Problem Faced

             Seepage of water or damp walls in under ground tunnels and basements.


             Morsel unique product Crista acts via capillary action and penetrate up to a depth of one meter to fill all micro capillaries in the concrete forming insoluble crystals and thus stop water leakage. It could be applied on the negative as well as positive site.

Roof Top Water proofing
Problem Faced

Water leakage through RCC roofs, AC sheets due to development of cracks.


Cracks are filled by Morsel polysulphide sealant and then Morsel wide range of roof top coating can be applied depending upon the technical suitability & commercial viability.

Black seal 4011

Morsel Black Seal  is Bituminous Liquid Water Proofing Membrane which is a highly elastic, solvent free, natural rubber bituminous water proofing system.

It is a one component pack without any complicated mixture . It is supplied for ready-to-use cold application. It forms black coating, which can be painted over if a light, reflective surface is prepared. Morsel Black Seal4011  is solvent free and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sealing work.


4012 Tar Thane is cold applied, no heating is required, Chemically curing type, no external curing required can be used an existing bitumen / tar felt for repairing., bonds strongly to cement concrete, asbestos and steel surfaces.remains unaffected by UV light and weathering exposure is resistant to water, dilute acid, dilute alkali and salt solutions cures to a tough, and abrasion resistant coating is resistant to fungus and micro organism growth.

Seal coat 4014

water proofing coating is a two component  polyurethane based coating available in different  colors for Roof floor coating applications. Morsel 4014 waterproofing coating  is characterized  by, Excellent adhesion to concrete, metal floors High abrasion resistance Excellent oil and chemical resistance, Good water resistance, color stability Excellent UV resistance, Excellent algae & fungi resistance, Smooth seamless coating-easy to clean

Morsel WT Epoxy 4015

4015 is an acrylic based polymer modified coating system. Morsel WT Epoxy 4015 is a milky white liquid, which in combination with cement has excellent waterproofing and protection properties. Morsel WT Epoxy 4015 cementitious coating is characterized by-

1. Cures to a flexible film with excellent waterproofing properties.

2. Allows breathing of concrete that prevents peeling & bubbling due to entrapped moisture.

3. Has excellent adhesion to most building materials

4. Highly durable in continuously wet conditions

5. Non-flammable & does not give off toxic gases

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