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Tube Cleaning
Required in

Heat Exchangers

Fire Tube & Water Tube Boilers ,

Condensers , Chillers

and other tubular structures & vessels.


Increased  Megawat Capacity

Extended Tube Life

Improved Condenser Performance

Maximized Plant Efficeiency

Improvements on overall heat

Conventional method and its disadvantages

n false consideration of cost saving, some people use Chemicals cleaning method (i.e. acid etc.)  for tube cleaning of heat exchanger. But this type of conventional methods are expensive in long period, takes longer for the operation to be completed, and the subsequent disposal of the chemicals, an environmental hazard, creates its own set of problems. In chemicals cleaning method, it has also been found quite frequently that some residual material will still need to be removed by mechanical cleaning methods. During this kind of conventional methods of cleaning, there is also a gradual erosion of tube metal, which ultimately reduces the life of heat exchanger tubes.

Advantages for water jetting for pipe & tube cleaning

· Suitable to clean tubes of all material without harm, from brass to titanium

· Inhibits corrosion and extends tube life by removing corrosive deposits from inside of the tubes and tube pits.

· Cleans any length and diameter of straight or U-tube heat exchanger.

· Extends maximum operating efficiency by removing fine layer of silt and organic debris, which is missed by mechanical cleaning and leads to rapid refouling.

· Removes any foreign scale deposit.

· Environmental safety - No chemical discharges or hazardous waste removal.

· Custom designed cleaning nozzles, which offer full 360° inner diameter cleaning without streaking tube.

· Multiple lance systems - up to 8 (or more) operators for fast cleaning of large main condensers.

· Radiological waste minimization with the use of our positive shut off pressure control systems.

· Cost Effective - restored baseline performance and extended refouling rates; promptly recovers job expense (in exponential fashion).
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