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Water Proofing Roof Top
Problem Faced

             Water leakage through RCC roofs, ACC sheets due to development of cracks.


             Cracks are filled by Morsel poly sulphide sealant and then Morsel wide range of roof top coating can be applied depending upon the              technical suitability & commercial viability.


Application process on Roof top

¨ Chipping of all dust and slag will be done by us by manual and handy chipping machines taking out originally (First Laid )RCC Roof.

¨ All cracks to be grooved in V shape and filled by Morsel Polysulphide sealant.(Morsel polysulphide will be able to sustain thermal expansion & contractions of cracks.

¨ Two coat of Morsel WT Epoxy # 4015 will be done so that allRcc roof  which had developed capillary openings due to water seepage will be sealed thus Morsel 4015 sealing cracks as well as  re-strengthen of roof slab  is done.

¨ One coat of Morsel  Tar Thane # 4012 to be applied .This will allow roof top to sustain uv rays and provide water poof characteristics.

¨ One coat of Morsel Temp Drop will be provided for a heat reduction of 20 % and provide beautiful seamless colored coating.