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Tunnel Water Proofing
Tunnel Problem Faced

             Seepage of water or damp walls in under ground tunnels and  basements.


             Morsel unique product Crista acts via capillary action and penetrate up to a depth of one meter to fill all micro capillaries in the concrete forming insoluble crystals and thus stop water leakage. It could be applied on the negative as well as positive site.

Application process on under ground water proofing

· Chipping of all dust and slag is done by us by manual and handy chipping machines taking out originally (First Laid) RCC Roof.

· All cracks to be grooved in V shape and filled by Morsel WT rebuilder this special compound can even repair damp surfaces

· Morsel Crista Plug is applied on on-line water leaks

· If required pressure injection grouting is done at 7 Kg pressure or as required

Two coat of Morsel Crista are then applied, this is a special grade which can penetrate up to a depth of 1 meter and fills all micro pours so that all RCC roof and walls which had developed capillary openings due to water seepage will be sealed thus